Old Devonshire Church

Like many of Bermuda’s Anglican Churches, Christ Church Devonshire has a history dating back to the arrival of the island’s first settlers. Though the exact date of the original building’s construction is unknown, the first official acknowledgement of its existence  was recorded in 1654 by the Will of Captain Roger Wood, who bequethed to the church a silver beaker in recognition of its groundbreaking.


On October 28th, 1846, the cornerstone for what was known as the “New Church” was laid, a rebuild necessitated by Devonshire’s growing population at the time. This new structure was consecrated on March 25th, 1851 by Rt. Rev. Edward Field, where it stood until 1970.


Only two years after being honoured by then Archbishop Of Canterbury, Dr. Michael Ramsay, March 29th, 1970 (Easter Sunday) saw the Church virtually demolished by an explosion and subsequent fire. The resulting damage required yet another rebuild, resulting in the current structure that stands to this day.