We are always honoured and humbled to help a couple celebrate the covenant of Holy Matrimomy, having proudly married thousands of Christians since our Church’s first cornerstone was laid. To find out more about the island’s legal requirements surrounding marriage, please consult this guide to getting married in Bermuda. You can also acquire further information from the Bermuda Government Registrar’s Office by calling 295-5151.

Canon James W. Francis also performs regular baptisms on Christians of all ages, welcoming them into the Kingdom of God by cleansing their sin and publicly signifying their devotion to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

To inquire about arranging a Wedding or Baptism, please call our Church office at 236-3671 or email us at christchurchoffice@northrock.bm. Wedding costs can vary, so please contact us at your earliest convenience to begin arrangements.

Note: The Church Hall is available for wedding receptions, however alcohol is prohibited.

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